Saturday, February 26, 2005

WebRings...what's up with them???

Ok someone must not like me over at WebRings. I have applied for HandKnitting ring and Knitting Blog and was denied for lack of knitting on my blog?????? LOL Who needs them when we have RingSurf!

There will be some changes on my site this week as I have been RAOK'd with a custom header for here. I am still working on the html to get it to look its best.
*I guess I figured it out..*
Thank you Amyfor the Awesome header!

This weekend is my grandbaby Ella's FIRST Birthday!!!! Does she become a GrandToddler now instead of baby? Camera battery is all charged and plenty of tape in camcorder! I can't believe she is 1 already!


Lea said...

Love the purple colors of your blog! First time I've had to visit in awhile, so maybe they've been changed for a long time!

_Prudent Purl said...

Some people can be snobby. I don't recognize the blog ring names. I think I may be part of the knitting bloggers??? Would you mind going to check out my site and let me know because if I am in one of those rings that denied you then I will take them off my blog and withdrawal. Thanks.

kalisekj said...

Nice Blog!!! It looks like you've spent a fair amount of time setting it up and keeping the content fresh. I'll be sure to come back.

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Thanks again and keep up the good work.