Saturday, August 27, 2005

I am still alive...

Although some nights my legs want to die!!!
We moved on Aug. 15th, or should I say, started to move. I then started a job at my sister's store, Cottage Chic home furnishings, on the 17th!!! I love my new digs and job but I am pooped!
I am so tired at night that I rarely knit. I knit dishcloths only because my eyes won't let me follow a pattern. o|o

I will try to post more often as to stay in the ring rules.... ;-)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Knitting slump?

Do you ever get where you don't know what to knit next? I have been knitting dishcloths and got all caught up with my orders and want to do something different and I just can't figure out what project to do..... Maybe it's the heat.

We finally got an air conditioner and today is cooler... go figure. The day my husband agreed that we needed one , I couldn't find one anywhere! Dear hubby kept looking and found one an hour away at a Best Buy. How in the world did I survive without it????

I got some really awesome knit notecards from Knit Chick. How fun. FiberRAOK is an awesome group.