Wednesday, March 02, 2005

RAOK-ey week

Wow I feel so blessed. I have been RAOK'd twice this week. (Random Act Of Kindness for those of you not in the Ring.) Yesterday I got a box with 5 skeins of yarn from Jenny and today I got a card and a magnet from Erica. Thank you both.

My dear granddaughter turned 1 year old on Monday and took her first walking alone steps! Just like her Mommy did! I remember it so clearly. How can 25 years go by that quick? We are going up there this weekend for the 1st birthday party. It was cancelled last weekend due to illness.

I got my booga bag all felted and have handles ready to put on but can't find a decent way to put the handles on. I might have to go buy some grommets.

I started this one pair of socks 4 times and wasn't satisfied or made mistakes. I was all the way into the foot and it just didn't fit right. I think the yarn I chose was not good sock yarn.....sooooo... sploosh it went into the frog pond last night!


emy said...

Perhaps the yarn has ideas of what it wants to be. Just chuck it in a corner for a couple of days and hopefully she'll let out! :)

Jenger said...

I am so glad that you liked the yarns. Have fun with them.