Sunday, February 12, 2006

Another few and far between post

Oh I have to make a post it note to remind me to post here. hahaha

It is so unbelievable that we are out of debt after selling the house. We have not decided if we like renting and having someone else take care of things that need fixing or to buy a house. I look through the listings but so far nothing has popped out at me. I hear that is now in a buyers market so that is a good thing.

I actually bought a skein of yarn to knit a dishcloth to knit for our new apartment but have not started knitting. My sister's store is moving so I am working an awful lot as we are trying to sell everything so we don't have to pack it and move it. My fingers ache to knit.

We are finally getting winter here in Wisconsin. January was so mild and I loved it! I always thought of myself as a snow lover until I had a mild January! HA.