Thursday, February 10, 2005

getting a new bird

I am so excited. I am adopting a parakeet from a bird rescue and I will pick him up tomorrow! Some of you may remember that I had a cockateil. I had to give her back because she just screeched all the time and it was killing our hearing and our enjoyment of her. This new parakeet is young and tame. I have had parakeets in the past and have taught them to talk and sit on my shoulder.

I finished knitting my "booga" bag last night and have to felt it now.

Start of felting...
I didn't want the lunch bag look so I went to thrift shop and picked up a funky old purse that had the coolest handles.

I took the handles off and will use on the bag. Our local yarn shop is running a contest on the most original felted bag so hoping I stand a chance! I will get pictures up soon.

I started knitting a "chemo" hat out of very soft fizzy yarn. Now need to find out if our local hospital knows where I can donate some if I knit more.


Kathy said...

I love parakeets! I had one who had a huge vocabulary and was very tame...but he's gone now :(

Thanks for the Gmail invite!!


Annie said...

Debbie--thanks so much for your RAOK! My schedule has been beyond hectic this week, so I haven't had a second to post, but will this weekend. You really made me smile--my daughter and I took the needle protectors and put them on the tips of the chihuahua's ears! I wish I'd had the camera handy (it didn't last long!) but it was absolutely hysterical. Hope you have a fantastic weekend.