Monday, March 21, 2005


I went to a healing service on Thursday and since then my arthritic hip has not hurt! Praise the Lord! I walked into the service limping,
could hardly stand during worship and I walked out normally at the end of the night. I even went shopping which is the hardest thing for my hip and still doing well. I am sleeping better also. Praise the Lord for His healing touch!

KNitwise I have gotten almost done with the heel flap on 2nd sockatta sock, finished knitting all the body parts for a bear, sewn up one leg
of it, frogged a knit square several times that I am trying some 2 color knitting on..... just can't get that down.

I am awaiting delivery of my FIRST PDA!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to get some knitting programs for it so I can take it with me to knitting classes and knitting on the go. I am getting a Palm Zire 31...found the best price at Beach Camera after much research. I had gotten some money from my Dad a waited quite a while to get myself something. :-) Thanks Dad!

A squirrel just blew out a transformer down the street and the other side has no power but I do! Phew. It would get mighty cold here
without a furnace. It was a big explosion!

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