Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

What a Holy day today is when we remember what Jesus withstood as payment for our sin.

My daughter, SIL and dear Ella are arriving shortly! I have tried to babyproof but will have to keep a sharp eye on the Toddler of the Universe (TOD). I am making Easter dinner tomorrow and my dad is also coming over. He doesn't drive this way much and so I am excited.

I went to knitting group last night. We sure had some great laughs. I made good progress on the foot of sock 2.

My Easter Lily has 2 full blossoms open! It's beautiful! 2 years ago I transplanted one outside and it bloomed with about 7 blossoms last summer. It was a wonderful addition to my flower bed!

Happy Easter everyone.

Remember, Jesus didn't stay in the tomb!!!!

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me myself and i said...

Happy Easter! Love your blog!!