Monday, March 07, 2005

Ella's 1st birthday

Oh what fun. Ella's 1st birthday party was a success! She got tons of clothes and toys and shoes. She ate her cake with gusto! Her mommy loved the leg warmers I knit her! LOL It is amazing how much she has changed. Walking and new faces.

I found fixin's to finish my felted purse!!!! Now I will get that done.

WEATHER! Yesterday we had 50 degrees and a lot of snow melted now today it is cold and snowing again. I am ready for Spring!

I started a pair fo socks on size 1 needles and Socakatta yarn. Oh how pretty they will be. Since they will be a warm weather sock I am making them shorter. The yarn is blues and greens and knits up looking like caribbean water. Yummm

I also started knitting a felted birdhouse from fiber trends. Finished the base and can't remember where I placed my needles. Is this what happens at 50?????

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