Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Where is Spring???

We had snow again last night!!!

Kool-Aid dyeing.... cherry generic kool-aid used

New yarn storage cubes...
and they were on Clearance at K-Mart!
Looks like my stash is pretty pathetic. Althought I do have some wool in moth free storage. Have to have some hidden away from hubby also!

Oh as I was typing this post the sun came out!!! YES...melt snow, melt snow, melt snow!


Sue said...

I like the storage cubes! I wonder if my local K-Mart has any. They'd be great in my front closet. Nice yarn stash, too. :)

_Prudent Purl said...

I don't think your stash looks pathetic at all. I think it looks great.

Happy Spiritual birthday!!! And Happy Saint Patrick's day as well.