Friday, January 04, 2008

Knitting Ella some socks

I am knitting Ella some socks per her request. I am using Plymouth Dreeam Baby D.K yarn color 205. It is white yarn with splashes of pink, yellow, blue and green. 1 is done and she wants to wear it. I am now past the gussett and doing the plain knitting. They are very soft as the yarn is a microfiber acrylic. She now notices knitting on programs on TV. Too cute. Today we are going to local yarn shop to pick out yarn for a doll blanket. I have been there twice and it is always closed. I hope it was just holiday closing. Ella has bugged me all week to go to the "yarn Barn" (name of the store). I told her today would be warmer for a walk and she has been after me since 7:30 a.m to go. It is almost time to go now and she is excited!
I'll let you know how we did..... (Ella will be 4 next month)

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