Saturday, January 05, 2008

Ella got her yarn!

The yarn store was open and Ella was all excited. It was very hard for her to make a decision on the color. She would see one and say "that one", then spot another and say "no, that one". It was cute to see such yarn excitmeent! We finally found a skein of Red Heart Multi color that she really liked, containing, shades of pinks and blues and purples. I looked thru a couple of my knitting books I brought along and decided to just do an oversized Grandmother's Favorite dishcloth pattern on size 13's. It is going quick and she really "loves" her baby blanket. She received a Baby Alive doll for Christmas and she needs a blanket. I really enjoy knitting for her. Isabelle just loves rubbing the yarn on her face(have to make sure she is washed up!)

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