Friday, January 25, 2008

Monkey socks

monkey socks
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I am making slow progress on my first pair of monkey socks. I cast on early January but not working on them all the time. I like the pattern and how they fit. I am using Brown Sheep Wildfoote luxury sock yarn. It will be a durable sock, I think. The Deco Lime color is very fun.

I bought a new camera today, hence the picture of the socks. I had some inheritance money left over and the camera was on sale. My old one lasted 8 years so I guess I got good life out of it. This new camera has twice as many mega pixels as the old one and half the weight! Oh and twice as big viewer.

I got my coupon to spend at a local yarn shop today and just couldn't decide what to buy as it is good on only 1 purchase. That kinda sucks as it is worth $60. I need to buy a bunch of yarn or some pricey extra tool. I will spend some time in prayer about it as I want to get the best for me. I guess I could get enough yarn to make a luxury sweater...or enough fiber to spin enough yarn for a luxury sweater. Or a mess of sock yarns...nah sock yarn doesn't go far enough.

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Mitchypoo said...

I have that exact yarn in that color and now I know what pattern I may have to use! They are lovely!