Monday, December 31, 2007

Extended "Grand" visit

I am up north at my daughters house for a few weeks, possibly a month, maybe more. I am going to try and spend some quality time with my daughter and 2 grand daughters. I was here before Christmas while my daughter and son-in-law went to Cancun but didn't get to spend time with her.

Me and Ella walked to the Dollar store after lunch and it started snowing. Ella will be 4 and was having fun catching snowflakes with her tongue. She noticed everything along the way. She carries on the cutest conversations. The yarn store was closed so we will have to tyr and go another day. She wants me to knit her a baby blanket for her dolls. Too cute.

My husband will be "batching it" while I am here. It is a little over 3 hours away but in the winter that could turn into 5 or more. Maybe he will come up for my birthday. :-)

I have my own room here with a computer and internet, tv and swivel rocker. It is very comfortable. My son-in-law loves to cook. I get to play with the girls while he cooks and does dishes. A Grandma could get used to this!

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