Monday, January 21, 2008

My camera died

Boo hoo hoo. My digital camera froze and won't work. I have had the camera since 1999 so I guess I got my moneys worth. I have so many objects I want to taker pictures of and can't until subzero blizzard stops and I can get out shopping. I can get so much more camera now for a lot less money than when I bought my canon.

I have 1 Monkey Sock done and about 5 repeats of sock 2 done. I am in a January Sockdown contest over on Ravelry. I need to post a picture of completed pair in order to be eligible for contest.

Here is a picture of my new knitting buddy. We both are named Debra...and both love knitting and laughing. This picture was taken at our Knitting Christmas party. Ann over at Yellow House Treasures took the picture. She loves taking pictures and she loves posting them. Thanks Ann.

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