Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Socks for Ella

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I knit these socks in a day for Ella while I was up there staying after Christmas. I used Plymouth DreamBaby DK microfiber "Confetti" yarn. They are so soft. Ella loves them and said.. "oh Beautiful!" When her Daddy came home for lunch she proudly showed them off. She was in this stage of not wearing socks,(it's winter here) so I knit these so they were special and she started wearing her socks again. :-)
I used just a basic sock pattern, fast and simple.

I am going to wallyworld to get a new internal battery for my camera to see if that fixes it before I spend money on a new camera. let's pray that a $3.29 battery will fix it! Then I can get some of my latest projects posted. (thank goodness I had my daughter take some pictures while I was there with her camera. :-)

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