Thursday, January 06, 2005

Suzie Homemaker

I feel like Suzie Homemaker lately. LOL Yesterday I made a big pot of ham & bean soup and loaded breeadmaker up so we had hot bread for breakfast. Tonight I will make cornbread to go with bean soup.
Today have some laundry hanging over drying rack to help humidify this dry old WI home. It snowed all morning and it is beautiful. Its good to stay in and be creative.

Tonight is knitting group and my carpooling knitter friend & I will be going in her 4-wheel drive. It is my turn to drive but she said I wouldn't get up her drive.

Finished my hubby's mittens to match his hat. He is so easy to please. I see mistakes but he sees beautiful and love.

I got RAOK'd today from Nyxxie. Some wonderful white and cream yarns.

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Kate said...

Aren't breadmakers wonderful! And fresh, homemade bread smells so good.