Sunday, January 23, 2005

New chat box

I put a new chatbox on my blog as the tagboard one was adding pop-ups, which I can't stand. It is in the sidebar, down a bit.

We went back to cold weather again! It was -13 F when we woke up this a.m. BRRRRR.

I am starting the heel of a pair of thicker wool socks for me. It is just too cold to wear thin socks.

Tomorrow my 6 months are up since my accident. I went the whole six months without a ticket so they will drop the ticket as it really wasn't my fault! Yippee!!!!! It is amazing how well behaved my driving was. LOL I will continue driving this way though as the accident scared me. I rear-ended a jerk who keppe changing lanes, pulled in front of me and slammed on his brakes. I slammed on mine to avoid hitting him and my brake line blew. I ended up really smashing my car and did no damage to his. I also got lateral whiplash and a ton of pain. I had to sell that car as it cost more to fix it than to buy the newer one I have now.

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um said...

hey, six months is a great milestone. sorry about the accident! at least there are now six months under the bridge. i hope your pain is gone at this point.

have fun with those thicker socks. stay warm!