Friday, January 14, 2005


It is 11:00 am and the temp. has risen to -5 degrees F. I put blankets and quilts over windows to help keep the cold out. Our furnace has run non-stop all morning trying to get the house warm. I am going to bake some bread today to help the furnace out. I wish I were knitting an afghan to keep my lap warm. LOL

I got a birthday RAOK in the mail today!!!!! What a delight! Lynne sent me some Home Cooking stickers, some gourmet mocha cocoa and the coolest little box of Spirit Lifters cards. Thank you Lynne!

I am knitting my son another hat as he forgot his other one I knit in his friends van. I am also knitting Hello Kitty sweater (knitalong) for my dear Ella's 1st birthday. I am about to start the kitty pattern.

What a what to start my 50th year! LOL

Dear Hubby says he now married to a half century hotty! ROFLOL

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