Monday, January 10, 2005

Nice lunch

My 21 yr old son took me out for lunch today for my birthday (which is Thursday). He took me downtown to our favorite pizza place. They have pizza buffet at noon so we ate well. This is the first time he has been with me to eat since he was a teenager! I guess he is finally growing up and can be seen with Mom again. We had a great talk.

I am almost done knitting a baby hat for charity out of some yarn that was given to me. I plan on knitting more.
I also joined another knitalong! Hello Kitty Knitalong. I will knit a sweater for dear Grandbaby Ella's 1st birthday. Her mommy used to play with Hello Kitty when she was a little girl.

I have some links way at the bottom of the page that you can click on to save money with your purchases. I also have a link to buy knitting software about half way down on right.

Thanks for your prayers yesterday and well wishes. I feel a little more up today.

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_Prudent Purl said...

Happy early birthday!