Thursday, November 29, 2007

Put on some Glam.

I found this really cool site. Sparkle Plenty .They have custom logo t-shirts with crystal, rhinestone, promotional & logo apparel for special events, promotions, parties, tradeshows, bat mitzvahs, etc. - any special event which needs an upscale crystal tee or stunning rhinestone tee.
Their tees are very high-quality (sweatshop free) fitted and flattering (not the kind you sleep in or use to wash your car)

Can you imagine your whole wedding party in matching tee shirts with sparkles? I think that would be very original. Or at a baby shower with the due date? Or a great gift for the "tween" that you don't know what to buy for, her name in crystals!
Do you have a spa or salon? All your employees could have the salon name and theirs on a tee or name pin. They also have earrings and other jewelry. make your employee of the month feel special.

How about a custom logo for your home based business team? You could have them as rewards for top sales, etc.
Check them out.

I know this has nothing to do with knitting but I do know many work from home moms with a home based business. Sometimes I just like to spread some information as I love networking. :-)

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