Friday, November 23, 2007

Isabelle's sweater & Handspun

My grand-daughter, Isabelle, loved her new sweater. She didn't want me to take it off of her when we had spaghetti for supper but I didn't want her making a big mess on it. It has a crew neck, knit top down, no seams. Sweaters For Everyone Kids to Adults by Mary Rich Goodwin from One-Piece Knitting is the author of the book

Ella's sweater fit her but she would not model it.
She said she wasn't cold. :-) Ella's has a v-neck. Mommy sure loves that they now have matching sweaters and that they have warm sweaters for winter. They knit up so quickly and I love that there is no seaming.

I have also been spinning and plying. "Louise" Louet spins like a dream. I am producing so much yarn now. I am so happy that I purchased the new wheel. The double treadles make it easy on my back and knees. I actually have a small blister on my finger from spinning so much!

The seafoam green is a very nice soft yarn made of mohair, wool and silk. I wish I had gotten more of the roving. I bouhgt it in Door County in the Spring and the vendor did not have any information on her sales slip so I don't know where to get more. That is a very poor business practice.

The brown is coopworth and very easy to spin. I got that roving with the purchase of my Louet. There was only 1/2 pound but Yarns BY Design sells more. My husband would love something knit for him with it.

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