Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Perfectionism or Menopause???

Knitting has turned me into somewhat of a perfectionist. I never used to be this way. If it worked it was good enough was my way of thinking. Now it seems I can't finish a project if it is not turning out to my expectations. I am unraveling an aweful lot. Is it menopause? Or am I getting better? Either way it is frustrating me. ha.....but it is somewhat satisfying to unravel yarn and see how knits work. I do enjoy the act of knitting so it just gives me more to knit.
I am learning modular knitting and I love that it keeps me interested. I just bought No Pattern Knits, which covers more shapes than just squares. I started out a few years back with Domino Knits, then bought Modular Magic. Yesterday I ordered Iris's Modular Knits. I think I will have enough knowledge of modules now. ;-)
I joined some new yahoo groups pertaining to modular knitting. I enjoy looking at others beautiful creations and variations.

I am teaching my friend and her daughter knitting. They wanted to make felted purses. Mom is doing great but daughter wants it done now. She lost interest quickly so I took it home with me and knit it up. It was not a beginners pattern. I will take some pictures. She will do the felting.

Tonight I am going to my good friends house and we are going to knit together. looking forward to this as I haven't found a knitting group here yet.

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