Monday, January 22, 2007

Day of Pampering

My daughter gave me a morning at the local beauty school getting a manicure, scalp massage, oil treatment, facial and facial massage and a hairdo for my birthday! She went along as her birthday present with her birthday money! Grandpa babysat for 3 1/2 hours!
The massage and facial were absolutley WONDERFUL! I had a young man who is a piano player so he had these wonderfully strong gentle fingers! I fell into a very sleepy relaxed mode. Wasn't that wonderful of my daughter?

Our birthdays are 1 week apart so we celebrate together. My dad's birthday is then 5 days later. he will be 80 on Thursday!

I am knitting a raspbaerry red irish hiking scarf with the Irish hiking Scarf Knitalong. I hope to get it done in time to send along the red scarf project. The cables are beautiful and fun to knit.

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dianne said...

What a wonderful gift & day for you!! Welcome to TheKnittingPath!