Tuesday, December 14, 2004

New Furnace

We got a new furnace today. Of course it was a very cold day, only 20 degrees. So furnace was off all day. I kept the house above freezing by using the self-cleaning oven. Got the oven cleaned and kept the bird and me from freezing. I wore my hand spun, hand knit sweater and wool socks and still needed a sweater over that and a lap blanket. BRRRRR. But now the new efficient furnace is running so nice and quiet and warming the house back up. It should be normal by the time hubby gets home from work.

I knitted on socks today but at times it was too cold to knit.

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Allena said...

it sounds like you had a really cold day! i bet you were glad for all your knitting! LOL i've been reading your blog for a while now! sorry i never posted before. i just started my own blog and i've linked to your site b/c i've been reading it a lot! I shared you link of the sock book with another friend who also knits. she wants to do socks so i thought you gave it such good reviews that i'd share
thanks for that!
well i just wanted to say hello! and i enjoy your site!