Monday, December 20, 2004

All Ready for Christmas!

I didn't think I would get it all done but I did! All the presents are under the "tree". The 2 foot artificial is on top of coffee table and presents are under the table. MY hubby never finished a much needed job for me so I stood my ground on no finishing, no tree. LOL
It actually looks festive and sure will be a lot easier to take down after holidays.

I am working on 2 pairs of socks right now. Another pair of woolies for dear hubby and a wool pair for me. His are on circulars one at a time cuff down. Mine are on 2 circulars toe up. The pair that hubby is getting were supposed to be for my son but they are too big so he won't get a pair for Christmas....but soon after.

It has snowed all day and it looks great. The roads are very slippery though. I guess we will have a white Christmas. :-)

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