Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Happy Day

I got a new car! Well, not new but new to me. I was in an accident in May and smashed my reliable old 1987 Buick. She was drivable but only during daylight hours as headlights were smashed.
So now I got a 1996 Chevy Corsica. Nice clean car and low miles. Now I can go to my knitting night and to yarn stores!!!!!

I finished my HalloWig. It looked goofy on me so I put it on my friends store mannequin for Halloween. I will try and take a picture on Sat.

I finished one sock for dear grandbaby. I have to try it on her before starting second one. Now that I have a car again, I can go see her more often. :-)

I started on a sock for me today using Lion Brand Magic Color yarn.

I really need a good pattern for a hat for my round pumpkin head. I have this skein of Noro that I am dieing to make something with.

I got my first RAOK yesterday! A gift certificate at an online Tea shop. How fun! I love tea.

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