Monday, June 26, 2006

The Lord is working!

Oh how the Lord is working in my life! He is healing my inner being and giving me strength! Hallelujah! Last night in an open heaven experience He showed me a baby in a womb.

The baby was so warm and safe and protected. The baby was dancing and happy. It was surrounded by warm gold fluid. Then the Holy Spirit revealed to me that my mom loved me and ate correctly, didn't drink or smoke while she was pregnant with me! This was so healing to me because my mom was an alcoholic and died from smoking. I always felt she didn't care but she did! She taught me to be crafty, a good cook, how to take care of things, how to find a bargain. Where she lacked my Gramma taught me. Oh Thank You Lord for this revelation!

Friday, June 23, 2006

My hubby makes the paper!

I am so excited... the local paper did an article about my husband's piano tuning business... see here

Road Construction

They have been ripping up our road what seems like forever! They are putting in storm sewers and curb and gutter. Well the storm sewers are in but road is full of pot holes as it is all ground up. They started ripping the ends of driveways off..they stopped right across the street so ours is still intact... and the noise....ugh.
So our house hunt continues... I just hope they have a road back in when we have to move!
I looked at a very nice 1957 ranch home. The kitchen needs updating but the rest of the house is ready to go. It has a great floor plan but only 1 bathroom... not a problem until the kids come and spend the weekend....

Baby Isabelle will be 1 month old tomorrow! Where did that month go????

I am yearning to knit but can't decide on a project. Does anyone else ever get like that???

Monday, June 19, 2006

House Hunt continues

We thought we found the perfect place but alas it also has some cons. We can not take our established phone number with us to this community and my husbands business depends on the phone. We loast some customers when we made tha last move.
We are praying an know that God will provide.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

House Hunting

We have started hunting for a house. There sure are a bunch of dumps in our price range! How can people think they can sell them without cleaning???? If you have a pet, at least sweep the floor and empty the litter box!! EWWWWW
I found a couple yesterday I liked, hubby went to look at one last night with me. The basement is a problem for him. Being 6 feet tall there sure are a lot of basements he can't walk thru!

I got out some yarn the other night, started looking thru my patterns and gave up.... I guess it is too nice outside to think of warm garments. Ha

Listen to me, I sound a little grouchy!!! I need a good cup of coffee! :-) Sorry about that.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

I ordered this book from KnitPicks and just love it so far. I am laughing as I read. This seems to be a must have for us round knitters...

Saturday, June 03, 2006

New Granddaughter

WooHoo I have a new grand daughter as of Wed May 24th! I just got back from spending the first 8 days of her life with my little family. Isabelle Iris weighed in at a mere 6# 2.5 oz. She looks like her daddy and is a very content baby.
Big sister Ella loves her and helps her mommy. I am so blessed.

I managed to get a hat knit for her..... oh I need to knit more!