Saturday, June 10, 2006

House Hunting

We have started hunting for a house. There sure are a bunch of dumps in our price range! How can people think they can sell them without cleaning???? If you have a pet, at least sweep the floor and empty the litter box!! EWWWWW
I found a couple yesterday I liked, hubby went to look at one last night with me. The basement is a problem for him. Being 6 feet tall there sure are a lot of basements he can't walk thru!

I got out some yarn the other night, started looking thru my patterns and gave up.... I guess it is too nice outside to think of warm garments. Ha

Listen to me, I sound a little grouchy!!! I need a good cup of coffee! :-) Sorry about that.

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Nana said...

Just visiting via Christian Knitters. Your granddaughters are beautiful. We have another great grandchild due in November.