Sunday, September 03, 2006

Raspberry hat

I knit my 2 granddaughters each a raspberry hat this week. Ella held still for pictures but Isabelle is too young (3 months). They are too cute... Posted by Picasa

It's official! I am part of the mason-Dixon knitalong. I checked the book out of the library and fell in love with all the patterns! Soooooo I ordered my own copy. I love the garter stitch anyway as I love knitting while doing other things... perfect for this. I started a baby kimono and a log cabin. I got a couple of cones of peaches and cream cotton at w-mart so I can fee this new addiction.

We did a day trip yesterday up to Door County, WI. My hubby loves it up there and his birthday is Tuesday so it was my present to him to go. We took the bikes up and did some biking. He is much stronger than me so I sat in car and knit while he rode his bike up the big hill. I got my 7 rows from day 2 in Sept. monthly dishcloth knitalong done and started on a log cabin cloth. The weather was perfect and it turned into a wonderful day.

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