Monday, September 11, 2006

More Mason Dixon Knitting.

Log Cabin square. I used dishcloth cotton which proved to be heavy and not hold a shape well. I will have it in the doll crib for my granddaughter's dollies.
The concept is the same as in quilting by adding logs on the sides of the beginning square.

Bib knit using all garter stitch from Mason Dixon knitting. Very easy to knit up for a quick gift. I don't think a mommy can have too many bibs! Posted by Picasa

Yahoo! I got my own copy of the book today. BIG GRIN!
I have been using the library's.


Lynn said...

I was wondering if you owned a copy! You sure are on a Mason Dixon kick! I recently purchased the book, through a book club, and really love it. I need to give some of their things a shot!

Great knitting. :)

Kelley said...

You're right! A mommy can't have too many bibs! My son is a veritable "faucet" unless he has his pacifier in, so we have stacks and stacks of bibs. :-) I don't have any of the MD bibs yet, though, so I may have to check out that pattern.