Monday, April 11, 2005

Knitting Biz

I am considering a knitting type business where I teach and provide kits.

*Would buying kits interest you?
*Would you go to a knitting party?
*Would you like someone to come to your house to teach you?

Please post your thoughts.


Kate said...

Hi Debbie,

I like the idea of knitting parties. Something like Tupperware or Avon parties. You could showcase new yarns, accessories, knitting books, etc.

NKTN said...

You can DO it, Deb, I HAVE!
Now... the real reason I came here today was to THANK you for the RAOK the mailman just brought me... I needed a new one ::::hugs::::
I like the DAOK idea, too!

Ruth said...

yes! those ideas sound great - not only can you sell products/kits/accessories/etc, you can do demonstrations and a lesson or two. i think it would totally work out!

Agnes said...

Hi Deb,
I haven't been to any knitting group or party yet. A bit afraid ... I am never good at group interaction of more than 4 people! :)
The idea of kits is good ... especially those of little accessories which can give instant gratification. But package is important ... have to make them attractive and beautiful. Just my 2 cents.

J. said...

Pink is the only color available here, thanks I will look into noreens site.


NKTN said...

Thanks for sending to MY site, we're connecting about PINK chibi's and you're RIGHT!! I want pink for TWO reasons... one I love pink and most importantly, for my cousin Eileen who just had a radical mast. !!!
And now, hanging head in utter (udder? well, I AM a former WI-ite,LOL) ... utter shame... it JUST occurred to me... the mousepad you sent me is TEAL and WHITE, reference MY cervical cancer!!!
JLY and SDI!!!

hookinmama said...

I've been thinking about giving lessons here in my hometown, or group rate party kind of things. Please let me know how you do, I'm curious whether it is really feasible or not. Good luck!

Gracie said...

Thanks so much for the RAOK! It was a great surprise!

I think a knitting party is a great idea. I would try and have several different types of accessories, t-shirts, notecards, etc. It is a little bit harder to find those kinds of things in an LYS.

Lisa said...

YES to all three questions. Great idea!