Friday, November 19, 2004

Ran out of yarn!!!!!

Arrgghhh. I have 1 & 1/4 socks knit and ran out of yarn and my LYS where I got it is also out. Now I have to drive an hour to see if another yarn shop has it.

I got the most beautiful yarn last night to knit my Irish Hiking scarf. It is Cascade Pastaza, color 67. A beautiful green/blue. Llama & wool... I am knitting with size 15 needles to get a light airy scarf. It will be beautiful. I am in need of a new winter coat so will have to take yarn scrap with me to match coat to scarf!

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Sock Kitten said...

I hope you were able to find more of the same yarn to finish your socks! We both love knitting socks very much! ;)