Friday, November 05, 2004

More socks

I knit a Christmas Stocking using some glitzy looking acrylic yarn. Turned out kinda pretty.'

I finished my hubby's Magical Stripe socks, almost done with son-in-laws wool socks, and started on a pair of wool socks for my hubby.

I knit a basic black hat for my son and now have to machine embroider a spider on it for him.

I bought some more Noro Kureyon to knit mittens to match my hat and scarf.


Sock Kitten said...

and i thought i was bad at having several socks on the go, am happy to know im not the only one ;)
i have about 5 sip's teehee! ;)

Bevin said...

Dear Debbie:

The ring info is totally on our page. Sooner and I look forward to your approval.

<3 Bevin