Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wonderful Wins and Finds

Oh Boy look what the mailperson brought today!

13 pairs of circular needles!!!! Cost = about 80 cents each!

Yesterday while at my Dad's house, I did a little digging thru an area he hasn't gotten to yet. (My Mom passed away in '99). I found this little Avon suitcase that was mine from my first try of selling Avon in the early 70's. Inside it was jammed packed full of vintage Workbaskets and other booklets! There are issues dating back to 1954. Oh what fun it will be to look thru these.
There are a half years worth of issues from the year I was born. It will be fun to see what was in style and the prices of things in the ads.
I also found some other booklets and guess what they featured? Ponchos!!!

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