Thursday, April 24, 2008

I met Lucy Neatby

Weeee! I went to normal Thursday noon knitting and walked in and saw this lady with rainbow hair and thought to myself... I know her, I think. Here it was Lucy Neatby!!!!

I introduced myself and shook her hand. She was very kind and not at all stand-offish. She asked me if I had a copy of her dvd index and told her no. She then lfet for lunch. She is in Neenah WI for Midwest Masters, that starts tomorrow. After lunch she came back and handed me an index to her DVD's. I asked her if she would autograph it. And of course, she did.... "To Debbie, May your stitches always smile! Lucy" and drew her cute little smiling stitch. THEN>>> she sat down and knit with me!!!!! We talked about Ravelry and her dvd's and new ones coming out. She is so friendly and I love her accent.
So that was the thrill of the year!!!!

Oh and I bought some Dream in Color Smooshy for 30% off! Score!!!!!


Beverly (db81971 - ravelry) said...

Oh man.... lucky you. So cool to meet someone you envy from afar isn't it? I'm hoping to maybe see SP-M ( Yarn Harlot) on Monday in Madison.

Tamara said...

This is your reward for going to knit at your lys!