Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling Good!

Ahh.... today I feel very good. It has been a few weeks of battling bronchitis and the flu. I only had a light case of the flu because I take my GBG 10-in-1 Liquid Vitamins daily. My hair and nails are growing gangbusters! AND I noticed I am not having any more hot flashes! That is worth every penny that GBG 10-n-1 costs! Yippee.

I finished my jaywalker socks, finally. That second sock syndrome really kicked in on that pair. I am about halfway done with my vest, now that warmer weather is getting nearer. :-)
Tomorrow I am going on a road trip to yarn shops with my dear friend, Debra. We will travel and giggle and fondle yarn! Sounds like fun, huh? :-)

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1 comment:

Nancy McCarroll said...

Thanks for that information. My blog is only 6 weeks on-line, but I will check out that advertising deal in the near future. Your blog is complete and informative. I especially like your scripture reference. Cheers!