Thursday, February 14, 2008

Matching Tam & Mittens

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Wow I match now! I used the Tam pattern in Hats On! by Charlene Schurch but added some pattern to match my mittens. Blocking it with a plate in sure made a nice crisp edge.

tam and mittens
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Finally a tam to wear with the mittens I knit earlier. I sure needed them today as we got 6 more inches of snow! I am tired of snow, how about you?

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I like the nice spiral created by the decreases.


Eileen said...

Am I tired of snow???? Tired of snow? You're asking if I'm tired of snow? That's the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year! :-) Are you ready for the foot of snow we're supposed to get tomorrow? Sigh. YES I am tired of snow. I am so ready for spring!!!

The tam looks great! I hope to make it to Knit Night next week! It's been awhile! Hope to see you there.

Zing said...

I love your tam! Great job!
I live in Alaska and I wish we had
some of your snow. We live near the water so we get snow then it turns to ice melts and then we get more. I'll just be glad for spring!
Happy Knitting