Monday, August 27, 2007

Ravelry! I'm in!!!

I'm in!!!!! After 2 long months. Well, I spent most of my day looking around and adding my stuff. It is such a cool site. oh yeah...I am KnittinDeb there.

I just joined the Six-Sock Knit-along I have my stitches cast on... I am going to knit both at the same time as the pattern is involved. Of course, I am using 2 circulars. :-)

I am down 21# now... seems to be slower but it is still going down. I got fitted for a correct size b-r-a. What a difference it makes. Lane Bryant is very helpful. Pants are getting so baggy but I don't want to buy new until I am down some more.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scored some Rowan!

My LYS, Iris Fine Yarns, has a great sale going...until this Sat., I believe. I made a nice purchase of the last of her Rowan Dk new wool, burnt orange, and got an additional savings!

This special yarn will be just for me knitting... it is my favorite color to wear, matches my freckles!

I am getting closer to being added to Ravelry! Only 412 ahead of me, but 17,439 behind me. I have been uploading pictures to flickr to be ready.

Make your own movie

"Life as it should be" is a Coke zeros campaign. I tried it and it is fun. You can direct your own small movie and afterwards send it to all your friends. Coke has found some old black and white film clips that you, the director, can manipulate by using an easy voice recorder. Play with the speed to get it to sound different. You can even write "the conversation" to your own clip and say what ever you want. Be silly or serious. Afterwards your movie competes with other movies to be the highest rated. This is living "life as it should be".

Coke Zero...Real taste, zero sugar.
Get there before your friends : Coke zero

Zero is more.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Ring Bound book

I went to my local Kinkos and had them ring bind my Sensational Knit Socks book. It is great as it lays completely flat now for ease in following patterns! It cost $5.74 total, well worth it, and besides I bought the book on sale. I am hoping to get into the SKS-Kal .

Nice and flat

Friday, August 17, 2007

Down 19# and exercising!

Wow! I could hardly believe the scale. I am down 19# now and it is becoming easier! I am even exercising!!! This is a biggie for me. Tonight hubby and I went for a bike ride. It was a beautiful evening.

I did score some fantastic yarn yesterday! My LYS is having a clearance sale to make room for new yarns. I got some beautiful pumpkin orange Rowan DK for about 70% off! The reason I got such a good price was I bought all of the rest of the one color. I have enough to make myself a very nice sweater! I may have to hold off on that as I continue to lose weight. :-)

You can lose weight easy too... Cinch

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lost 16# now!

Wow! I am down 16# in just 2 months! during I am not hungry and do not have cravings. For the first time in my overweight life, the weight loss is easy. The beauty is that I am not losing muscle, but fat. before I have taken my measurements and have lost 3.5" off my waist, 4" off my hips, 3" off my bust, and 1.25" off my upper arm. My thighs have stayed the same as I never had a problem there. My dimples in my cheeks are showing as I lose weight in my face also!

Notice the roll showing in the before shot! The green top is the before... the orange shirt was taken today. I am confident enough to wear orange!!!

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