Monday, August 27, 2007

Ravelry! I'm in!!!

I'm in!!!!! After 2 long months. Well, I spent most of my day looking around and adding my stuff. It is such a cool site. oh yeah...I am KnittinDeb there.

I just joined the Six-Sock Knit-along I have my stitches cast on... I am going to knit both at the same time as the pattern is involved. Of course, I am using 2 circulars. :-)

I am down 21# now... seems to be slower but it is still going down. I got fitted for a correct size b-r-a. What a difference it makes. Lane Bryant is very helpful. Pants are getting so baggy but I don't want to buy new until I am down some more.

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Eileen said...

Congrats on getting into Ravelry, and the weight loss!

When I get better at the process of knitting, I definitely want to make socks. I will probably love some help. :-)

Hope to see you Tuesday!