Friday, December 29, 2006

Went to yarn shop...

I went to my local fine yarn shop and bought some #000 double pointed knitting needles. I usually only buy circulars but the cost was prohibitive for buying 2.
I petted all the lovely yarn while I was there and looked at the books.

The owner came in and I asked her if she was hiring. She doesn't need any sales people right now but said she may use me as a model knitter!!! Not only will she provide all the needed materials but will pay me some for the knitting. :-)
I hope she can use me.

I finished knitting a lace bookmark with crochet cotton and size 0 needles..... I blocked it but think I will spray starch it and iron it... It is very pretty.
I also finished Isabelle's sweater and gave it to her for Christmas... She is 7 months old and the sweater was a size 12 month. It just fits.....

Here is mommy, big sister, Ella, and Isabelle (wearing new sweater). Mommy has her hands full with these two darlings!

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Holly Burnham said... friend owns a yarn shop and she displays items knit by all her clients, which helps her sell patterns and yarn, but she also lets them put a price tag on them and if they sell the money is all theirs; she doesn't take a cut. Works out for everybody.