Saturday, August 27, 2005

I am still alive...

Although some nights my legs want to die!!!
We moved on Aug. 15th, or should I say, started to move. I then started a job at my sister's store, Cottage Chic home furnishings, on the 17th!!! I love my new digs and job but I am pooped!
I am so tired at night that I rarely knit. I knit dishcloths only because my eyes won't let me follow a pattern. o|o

I will try to post more often as to stay in the ring rules.... ;-)


puggyknits said...

Congratulations on the move and the new job! At one point in my life, I'd moved 15 times in 10 years...empathy abounds! Take a break.... knit something, already.

Orris said...

Congrats Deb!

Hang in there. I've been along time lurker, and I hope everything works out absolutely for the best for you. I know you've left the RAOK ring, but I'm going to stubbornly keep you on my list anyway, under the reasoning that now, if you're tired and weary, you should be on the receiving end for a bit.
May all your good come back upon you hundredfold.

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